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by Jami Davenport

The main heroine actually drove me crazy.

A Walk In The Woods
by Bill Bryson

Enjoyed the facts and the beginning of each chapter about the Appalachian Trail!

Broken in the Best Possible Way
by Jenny Lawson

Very funny book written from the author's point of view and personal experiences. Topics so far - forgetting things and having one shoe fall off repeatedly.

People We Meet on Vacation
by Emily Henry

Two odd-couple friends meet in college and vacation with each other once each year. A romantic attraction boils just below the surface of their friendship. Something happens (not yet clarified) and they do not talk for two years, but are now going on vacation together again.

While Justice Sleeps
by Stacey Abrams

Legal thriller involving the supreme court, and a justice who is in a coma. Lots of twists and turns. Soemtimes the multiple characters became confusing to me.

Elephant Run
by Roland Smith

I think the book was really good! It could have been better because in the beginning, it was kind of boring but after that, it was so much better.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
by Laura Numeroff

Mouse and Cookie!

There's A Bird On Your Head
by Mo Willems


There's A Pest In The Garden
by Jan Thomas

Fun to read with the little guy. He was cracking up the whole time

Where the Lost Wander
by Amy Harmon

A historical novel that brings to life the experience of traveling across the country on a wagon ttrain in the mid 1800's. It includes the perspectives of women, Native Americans, white settlers, and those of mixed heritage. Family ties of all types, as well as romance adds to the novel.
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