Reading Lists
Adults: Audiobooks

Pull out your headphones for digital audiobooks available through Overdrive.

Adults: Binge-Worthy Series

Look no further for series that will keep you reading book after book.

Adults: Biographies

[No description provided]

Adults: Book to Screen

Read the book, then watch the movie or TV show!

Adults: Classics

It's never too late to catch up on the classics.

Adults: Cozy Mysteries

[No description provided]

Adults: Crafting

[No description provided]

Adults: Fantasy

Find the magic in other realms and our own world with fantasy reads.

Adults: Graphic Novels

Superheroes, TV tie-ins, and more: these aren't your Sunday newspaper comics.

Adults: Heartwarming Reads

[No description provided]

Adults: Inspirational

Watch characters overcome adversity and connect to the spiritual with inspirational fiction.

Adults: Romance

Get heated up with romance books both sweet and steamy!

Adults: Self-Help

Take some time to focus on you.

Adults: Thrillers

[No description provided]

Kids Sports

Chapter books and nonfiction about sports.

Kids: Award Winners

Award-winning picture books and chapter books.

Kids: Book to Screen

Read the book, then watch the movie or show!

Kids: Fantasy Chapter Books

Explore fantasy lands with spellbinding chapter books.

Kids: Fantasy Picture Books

Enjoy picture books full of vivid illustrations and exciting fantasy stories that children and parents will love.

Kids: Graphic Novels

Enjoy quirky artwork and upbeat stories in comic form, written and illustrated just for kids.

Kids: Happy in My Skin

Picture books featuring people of color.

Kids: Hoopla

Check out our favorite children's e-Books, music, and more on Hoopla using your library card.

Kids: Our Own Voices

Diverse fiction and nonfiction books for elementary-aged readers.

Kids: Overdrive

Try our favorite digital chapter books on Overdrive or Libby using your library card!

Kids: True Stories

True stories and historical fiction, including both picture and chapter books.

Middle School Favorites

Perfect for readers ages 10-12.

Pre-K: Animals

[No description provided]

Pre-K: Bedtime Stories

[No description provided]

Pre-K: Colors

[No description provided]

Pre-K: Shapes

[No description provided]

Pre-K: Singalongs

[No description provided]

Teens: Black Lives Matter

Fiction and nonfiction for adults and teens.

Teens: Book to Screen

Read the book, then watch the movie or TV show! These book-to-screen adaptations are perfect for teen readers.

Teens: Fantasy

Find the magic in fantasy novels and fairy tale retellings.

Teens: Graphic Novels

Heartfelt and action-packed stories, all beautifully illustrated, that teens will love!

Teens: Low Stress Reading

Try our favorite high-interest, low stress books that are perfect for reluctant readers.

Teens: Real Issues

School shootings, coming out, fighting racism, and #metoo: these hard-hitting books address what teens really live through.

Teens: Romance

Teen romances full of first love and figuring things out.

Teens: Sports

Sports stories for every kind of athlete.

Teens: Winter Reads

[No description provided]