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I've Been Thinking
by Maria Shriver

An excellent book of short essays that Ms. Shriver wrote for her digital newsletter, "The Sunday Paper". Many of the issues focus on values and/or philosophies for leading a fulfilling life. It includes some great quotes, and often includes women's issues.

Behind Her Eyes
by Sarah Pinborough

A very dark novel with big surprises at the end. This is definitely fantasy/science fiction, and thus was not very relatable to me. The ending was unsettling and unsatisfying.

Montana 1948: a Novel
by Larry Watson

A close knit family in 1948 Montana has to deal with moral, legal, and loyalty issues>. The main character is a 12 year old boy. His father is the sheriff. His uncle is a highly respected doctor and the grandfather's favorite son. The uncle has been abusing and raping American Indian girls and women. The sheriff decides to pursue an investigation, and eventually arrests his brother. The grandfather sends hired help to help his accused son escape, even though he knows the son is guilty.

I Survived Series
by Lauren Tarshis

Great book all kids loved it

I Survived Series
by Lauren Tarshis

Great book all kids loved it

I Survived Series
by Lauren Tarshis

Great book all kids loved it

A Good Neighborhood
by Therese Anne Fowler

An engaging story that includes environmental, racial, patriarchical, sexual, and social class isssues in a story of neigboring families with different values, goals, and beliefs. It brings social justice issues to life, in a way that is heart wrenching yet believable.

Anne Frank Diary Of A Young Girl
by Anne Frank

This is a somber read, but one that needs to be shared and remembered.

Mysterious Benedict Society Book 1
by Trenton Lee Stewart

This series is a family favorite. It’s entertaining and captivating for all ages.

The Mothers
by Brit Bennett

A thoughtful and interesting book that offers thoughts on the importance of the influences each of us receives from our mother, as well as societal expectations, individual dreams, goals, and mistakes, and family relationships of all kinds. This includes a pretty negative view of abortion.
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